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One to one coaching in Person...


A training programme tailored to your individual goals. It’s that simple! The methods, exercises and techniques we use will be those that are best suited to you as an individual.

Because nutrition plays a big part in achieving most people’s goals all Personal Training clients (face to face and online) will receive access to a range of nutritional support resources to help you to understand the best way to fuel your body to achieve your goal.


You will also have access to my online on demand library of over 140 class recordings including Pilates, HIIT, Circuits, BoxFit, Body Conditioning and Resistance classes.


My private studio, via Zoom, or your home or garden. I’m pretty flexible, so just ask!

If you are interested in training with me, please complete the PT enquiry form below in the first instance.

How much?


Face to Face Personal Training (1 person)

  • £300 for 10 sessions (when paid in advance)

  • £40 individual session


Face to Face Personal Training (2 people)

  • £400 for 10 sessions (when paid in advance)

  • £50 individual session


If you have other requirements that are not detailed above please do get in touch as I am happy to put together packages to suit where possible.

One to one coaching virtually...



Face to face personal training isn’t always an option for some people for various reasons, so I also offer live training via Zoom. 


All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or tablet.


Please note for home workouts it may be beneficial to purchase some small and inexpensive items such as resistance bands. I can assist with this.

The pricing for virtual training is the same as listed above for face to face PT. As with face to face PT you will also have access to the nutritional support information and on demand classes.

What my PT clients have to say...

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